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Three Legged Foster Cat Roosevelt (Link) is Going to His Forever Home Today!

Just a quick update that we found an amazing adopter for Link and he’s going home today!!! This little boy has come such a long way in the past month and a half (plus gaining three pounds to get up to a healthy weight!), and I’m so proud of him. This is the first foster that I’ve adopted out and it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling, but it also means that I get to help another person experience how awesome tripawd cats are, and I get the capacity to help other amputee kitties that come into BARCS.

Also, not going to lie, I am a little bit looking forward to scooping a bit less poop. We’re full up on fosters right now and the amount of poop I have to shuffle around is pretty ridiculous, lol.


  • #   paws120 on 04.13.18 at 7:10 pm     Reply

    That is wonderful news!! Good job, you have a lot to be proud of 🙂
    I know it is hard to let go but it is that huge heart that those animals need to find them their forever homes.
    WAY TO GO!

    • #   ilovetripods on 04.14.18 at 3:03 am     Reply

      It’s so so so hard, I’m not going to lie. Thank you so much for your kind words! Link is settling in really great at his forever home!

  • #   Purrkins on 04.14.18 at 12:16 am     Reply

    Congrats on finding sweet Link a furever home. I am sure it is bittersweet.
    Hopefully, they will send you little updates on Link! Tell the adopters about Tripawds site.

    Good job you should be really proud you are helping lots of kitties and they will be blessed to have Link!

    Holly & Purrkins

    • #   ilovetripods on 04.14.18 at 3:05 am     Reply

      It is so bittersweet. I’m going to miss that boy cuddling up with us all the time. He got adopted exactly two months after his intake date at the shelter! It has definitely been an amazing two months watching him transform into the sweet and playful boy that he is. 😀

      I include a Tripawds brochure in my tripod resource guide that I sent with him. 🙂

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I can’t wait to help out another three legged cat (and I currently have a one eyed foster 🙂 )

  • #   jerry on 04.19.18 at 4:20 am     Reply

    YAAAAAY! Congrats on being a great foster to him. We jump with joy that he found his furever home thanks to you. Keep up the great work, we can’t wait to find out who will find their way to you next.

    • #   ilovetripods on 04.25.18 at 1:42 pm     Reply

      Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 I just posted an update on how Link is doing, and I’m definitely ready for some more sweet trikitties to come through the foster room. 🙂

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