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We literally just brought this cutie home from the shelter a few hours ago and we’re waiting for her to get settled in. She’s a front leg tripod and just got her amputation done yesterday, and we can’t wait to show her the luxury amenities of #TeamTripod. 🙂

It’s always a wonderful thing when a foster cat finds their forever home. It’s an especially wonderful thing when they get snapped up nearly as soon as they’re eligible for adoption! It’s an extra super special amazing thing when both trikitties in foster at BARCS end up having the same adoption day! Let me tell you […]

Link’s adopter is being so sweet at sending me updates on how he’s doing. 😀 It was so, so hard seeing him off. I’m not gonna lie, I was crying in the lobby as the adopter finished up the paperwork, and spent about an hour in the foster coordinator’s office bawling my eyes out after […]

Just a quick update that we found an amazing adopter for Link and he’s going home today!!! This little boy has come such a long way in the past month and a half (plus gaining three pounds to get up to a healthy weight!), and I’m so proud of him. This is the first foster […]

Once RR Jake finished his treatment plan and got past a really nasty URI, we adopted him and told the foster coordinator that it was going to be a few weeks to get him settled into the daily routine. I had every intention of sticking with that plan since it seemed prudent. In the meantime, […]

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