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Archive forMarch, 2018

Once RR Jake finished his treatment plan and got past a really nasty URI, we adopted him and told the foster coordinator that it was going to be a few weeks to get him settled into the daily routine. I had every intention of sticking with that plan since it seemed prudent. In the meantime, […]

Roosevelt’s adoption fell through, unfortunately, but I wanted to get a quick copy and paste of all the advice that I offered when they wanted to know how to care for a trikitty. I’m working on a better resource guide when I get some time (my work schedule doesn’t leave me with a ton of […]

The beginning of my three-legged fostering story starts with the end of another story. For 12 years, Tripod and I were inseparable. Born with three-legs, she brought me hope and joy during the worst times of my life, and I brought her food and happiness. She’s my best friend and the reason that I’m even alive […]